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Welcome to the Moroccan Wholesaler website, We have a wide range of beautiful handmade 


Moroccan lanterns, Moroccan lamps, henna lamps, wall lanterns, Moroccan gifts, garden furniture,


mosaic tables, candle lanterns and much more, for further details please do not hesitate to contact us.



Moroccan style is as profound and complex as its history and such is the flexibility of this unique


style that elements of Moroccan design can be used sparingly or incorporated lavishly into


any home to suit any decor. The strength of Moroccan décor is its simple elegance.

All the items in our collection are handmade by the skilled artisans of Moroccan and are


therefore unique, no two will ever by identical.


Why not come and visit our cash and carry in Hertfordshire where we have many more


 items available.


This site is for traders only .


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